ISP or Italian Stone Pine – Umbrella Pine (Pinus Pinea)

Italian Stone Pine or Umbrella Pine


This pine came from the Mediterranean and can be seen in classic paintings with its multi trunks and umbrella like canopy. It is a hardy grower and buds back easily.

Our Cultivation:

These trees are from cuttings, we grow them from seed, then they are cut very short and grown under controlled conditions to establish new roots which grow radially around the cut. This method which makes for short trunks, low branches and radial roots, all prized features to create your bonsai. This process is labor intensive but this is how they differ from a tree grown at a traditional nursery.


While your Italian Stone Pine is young, meaning it has not reached your desired trunk size, you should feed it an acidic fertilizer or simply Miracle Grow MirAcid in a weak solution.

Once your tree has reached the desired size, it doesn't need to be fed very often, only if it shows signs of stress.

Your Conifer is planted in a non soil mixture of Volcanic rock, Pumice and a small amount of Peat Moss, it's very difficult to overwater them unless the water is no longer draining, if it runs off the top it's time for a repotting.

Needles can be removed and branches wired, the tree will still bud branches